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Silent Diesel Generator

The silent diesel generator is a non continuous operation generator. If it has been running for 12 hours continuously, its output power will be about 90% lower than the rated power. Although the power of silent diesel generator is relatively low, due to its advantages of small size, flexibility, portability, complete supporting facilities and easy operation and maintenance, it is widely used in vehicle, mine, railway, field construction site, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments as standby power or temporary power supply. Excalibur is a professional manufacturer of silent diesel generators. Our silent diesel generators are powered by air-cooled diesel engines, so they have the characteristics that air-cooled diesel engines are widely used and do not need water-cooled diesel engines. Moreover, our silent diesel generators are second-generation single cylinder diesel engines, and all indicators meet the national technical requirements for second-generation single cylinder engines. The silent diesel generator produced by us also has the characteristics of high torque and high reliability, which makes the diesel quiet generator have the characteristics of good power generation stability and low power loss. In addition, the diesel engine adopts compression ignition ignition mode, which does not require spark plugs and carburetors, making the unit simple in structure and easy to maintain.